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Natural Light
electro // synthpop // electronic // ebm // coldwave

Locked perpetually in battle between snobbish performative eclecticism and earnest, unhinged love for POP TUNES (cheesy and sleazy). An exploration of upbeat and danceable bangers through ill-advised post-punk dub-remix B-sides and groovy electro, no stone unturned.

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with Rosehips!
24/04/2019 // with Rosehips!

P.B. is gonna be joined by superstar deejay (hwfg) Rσsεнιps

Rose is without a doubt, one of the most versatile and fun deejays in the fine city of Glasgow, so I am thrilled that she is coming onto Natural Light (aka the "lil radio show that could"). She is also one of the residents of Glasgow's newest, easy-peelingist club night it's too hot to sleep

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