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Nail House Music
punk // metal // hardcore // nonconfrontational // cowardly

Nail House Music brings you the best of the worst of punk, hardcore, doom, d-beat, powerviolence, sludge, black metal, lo-fi, no-fi, hi-fi and all the weirdo sub categories in between. Nothing is too poorly recorded, nothing is too similar to the track before it, no song is too short, no vocal too inscrutable. We'll be playing everything from the classics that got you bullied in school to the spooky eight track stuff your neighbor found in a car boot sale in Kilmarnock in the mid-eighties. We'll be deep diving into back catalogues, discussing up coming gigs, reviewing records that came out thirty years ago and some that came out more recently, weirdo politics and mosher news from around the globe. Ruin your life.

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nail house music episode nine
28/02/2020 // nail house music episode nine

welcome back.

post hiatus roundup.


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