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wet raptures of the gyn-ecology
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   "the destruction of our sister the earth"
  dialogue excerpt from MARY DALY
  Feministes Radicales
   the power of menstrual blood
  Andulairah of the Earth
  Educational Audio Materials
   soda lite - regardi la ripples (Sunshower's Dream)
   jelly fish / baby
   2tac onana
  Mytron & Ofofo
  Multi Culti
   rainy day
   "whats so great about discovery"?
  Jeff Goldblum // Richard Attenbourgh
  dialogue from 'Jurassic World'
   lonely planet
  Tornado Wallace
  Running Back
   steel whirl
  Boreal Network
  More Than Human
   "don't blow up the domes..."
  Bruce Dern
  dialogue from 'Silent Running'
   rustic vespa
  High Llamas
  Alpacac Park
  Disco Halal
   memories in time
  Dorjan Attamofd
  Mood Hut
   "GMOs are a death knell for bio-diversity"
  Vandana Shiva
  Archive Audio
   "a piece of dead animal"
  Sapphire & Steel
  Dialogue Excerpt
  Yaroze Dream Suite
  Local Action
   new york '93
   good for me
  Above and Beyond
   Natural Partnership (Hightower Mix)
  Lord Tusk
   "our addiction to economic growth..."
  dialogue by Jason Hickel
  BBC News programming
   buruganda ouverture
  Brothers from Different Mothers
  Jan Hammer
   western society has cut itself off from the earth
  Network Earth Audio excerpt
  TBS Programming Archive Audio
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