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people have said that patriarchy is 'natural'
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   "Jenny hates walking the streets doing nothing"
  interview with Kathy Acker (1984)
  South Bank Show Archive
  Efficient Space
   cosmos reggae
  Second Circle
   bridge lase London
  TLC Fam
   "universally submissive to the male"
  dialogue from the performance "Two Man Show"
  Rash Dash
  Play It Again Sam
   cosmic bust
  Colonel Elliott // The Lunatics
   "it was an act of complete desperation"
  an interview with Chris Krause
  Archive Audio
   retsu dance (you can dance freely, but in line)
  Minoru Fushimi // Hoodoo Fushimi
   RIP current
  Death Commando
  Going Home
   nothing could ever change your mind
  Katsutoshi Morizono // Birds Eye Spirit
  Electric Bird
   piece #1
  Tod Dockstader
  Soul Jazz
   'being queer in America' pt. 1
  David Wojnarowicz
  LGBTQI audio history
   bubbles of memories
  ADN' Ckrystall
  Peripheral Minimal
   "my little business man"
  dialogue from "Mars Mission"
  SNL Season 38.
   kitty push here
  Big City Orchestra
  Major Problems
   wir werden immer mehr
  Der Plan
  Ata Tak
   'i wanted my own language
  interview with Kathy Acker (1984)
  South Bank Show Archive
  Máma Bubo
  Endless Illusion
   unfamiliar species
  Reedale Rise
  Frustrated Funk
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