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Semiotics of Santa
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"Prepare for landing... Earth Day December 24"
   cosmic christmas
  The Rolling Stones
  Red Tongue
   outer space santa
  Lawrence Welk's Little Band
   its now winters day
  Tommy Roe
   smaati lennass
  Mohamed Reda
  White Label
"but what if its really hard for the members of your family to say something nice about each other..."
   daddy don't get drunk this christmas
  John Denver
   I saw daddy kissing Santa Claus
  Kip Addotta
   boogie boogie Santa Claus
  Mabel Scott
   "do not approach anyone dressed as Santa Claus"
  trailer from "Christmas Evil"
  Cinema Trailer
   blue christmas (to whom it may concern)
  Miles Davis
   christmas Bells
  Switched On Santa (Sy Mann)
   "I need you to get serious SERIOUS with God"
  From the Documentary "Jesus Camp"
  1980's Archive Documentary Audio
   star carol
  Simon & Garfunkel
   judeo christian consumerism
  Noam Chomsky // "Silent Night" by Sinead O'Connor
   joy to the world
  Lalo Schifrin
  Invisible College
   holiday for bells
  Bert Kaempfert
  Universal Music GmbH ‎
   Aao Tumhen Chand Pe Le Jayen (from Zakhmee)
  Lata Mangeshkar // Sushma Shreshtha
  Music India
   The raucous, pagan origins of Christmas!!
  from "Adam Ruins Everything"
  Archive Audio Recordings
"christmas is a very happy time, i love christmas and it means a lot to me..."
   the little drummer boy (jesus thinks your FAT)
  Christmas Becomes Electric // Gwen Shamblin Lara
   Divine meets with The Holy Mary
  from "Mondo Trasho"
  John Waters
   Debbie's last christmas
  Nancy LaPlante
  Laurie Records
   a fistful of snow
  The San Sebastien Strings
  Warner Bros.
   stille nacht, heilige nacht
  The Swingle Singers
   happy birthday jesus (a child's prayer)
  Little Cindy
  New Line
   "and thats how i learned there was no Santa Claus"
  dialogue from "Gremlins"
  Archive Audio Excerpt
   that was the worst christmas ever
  Sufjan Stevens
  Asthmatic Kitty/Rough Trade
   i'm a christmas tree
  Wild Man Fischer
   santa claus is coming to town
  Joseph Spence
   "Silent Night, Deadly Night"
  Cinematic Trailer (1984)
  Archive Audio
"jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa Claus is DEAD"
   jesus keeps takin' me higher and higher
  Tammy Faye Bakker
   jesus is a friend of mine
  Sonseed Inc.
   "sing it bless-ercizers!"
  dialogue from "Mary Chapain's Christain Workout"
  Found Objects
   russian sleigh song
  The Three Suns
  RCA Victor
   snugly in a buggy
  KPM Music Library
"Santa hanging from a noose" - Fayette County News Flash!
   A rootin' tootin' santa claus
  Tennessee Ernie Ford
   Mamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus
  El Vez
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   Jingle Bells
  The Singing Dogs
   "this is Miss Velma's Christmas Special"
  Dialogue from "Christmas on VHS"
  Found Footage Fest!
   please don't steal for me this christmas
  Suzanne // Nick Sibley
  White Label
   what a friend we have in jesus
  Tiny Tim
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