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   'oscillators, amplifiers & envelop generators'
  Tomorrow World (dialogue)
  BBC Archive Audio
   going' out of my head
  Richard Hayman // Walter Sears
   in and out of the chakras we go
  Todd Rundgren
   jews harp
  David Earle Johnson
   wind dance
   chilli sauce
  John Paul Jones
   something kinda funky
  Stu Phillips
  John Murtaugh
   jazz fusion
  Adrian Enascu
   bionic boar
  Graham Gouldman
   penguin walk
  Giampiero Boneschi
   scarborough fair
  Enoch Light
  Project 3
  Shorty Baldan // Jimmy Rusca
  Joker Series
   time is tight
  Dick Hyman
   generator oscillator
  Mason Williams Ear Show
   muckdee foog
  The Weinberg Method
   Schaefer beer commercial 1970
  Edd Kalehoff At The Moog Synthesizer
  Archive Audio
   polk salad annie
  Electric Samurai
   moog in my soul
  Big Band Moog
   pluto the dog
  Manfred Mann's Earth Band
   teen tonic
  Pierre Henry
   song of the nairobi trio
  Hot Butter
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