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Galeophobia Dance Frenzy
MUSIC, Please!
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   dance of the vampires
  Krzysztof Komeda
  Seriés Aph�nos
   genese future
   cantec fulger
  Rodion G.A.
   spider & the fly
  The Monocles
   the incredibly strange creatures....
  Original Cinema trailer
  White Label
   he's a keeper of the fire
  Buffy Sainte Marie
   chase across the 69th st bridge
  John Carpenter
   living dead
  X-Ray Pop
  Cache Cache
   chopping mall
  Original Cinema trailer
  White Label
  Johnny Otis
  Hawk Sound Records
   Jaws (disco Theme)
  Lalo Schifrin
   monster shark
  Original Cinema trailer
  White Label
   music to kill your parents
   le notti erotiche dei morti viventi
  Original Cinema trailer
  White Label
   taxi music
  Cabaret Voltaire
   mente destructiva
  La Belle Epoque
   Future Kill
  Original Cinema trailer
  White Label
   crazy music drives you insane
  Whirlpool Productions
  Ladomat 2000
   claws theme
   rocket USA
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