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   "its very dangerous to think you are right"
  Karl Lagerfeld (Dialogue)
  Archive Audio Recordings
   globe style
  Energy Fountain
   take on me (33 pitch-down)
  Warner Bros.
   crash (12' version)
  Ultra Vivid Scene
   decadance 120
  Mihari Koshi
   fashion dialogue
  US High schools 84-85
  Archive Audio Recordings
   chuee muee
  Asha Bhosle // Mohamed Aziz
  Super 8
   caminho de freyus
  Red Axes
   the fashion show
  Grace Jones
   phantom of the opera
   captain easychord
   flower lady & her assistant
  The Seeds
  GNP Crescendo
   take my lips
  The Lauire Johnston Orch.
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