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   "exploring the mysteries of the spoken word"
  Western Electric AT&T Documentary
  Archive Documentary Audio
   interferon 6
  Music De Wolfe
  Suzanne Ciani
   angelic music
   "what is wrong with the wold?" excerpt.
  Alan Watts
  Archive Audio
   add space to time
  Innovation Communication
   mount shasta
  Tangerine Dream
  Private Music
   the incredible machine
  Western Electric AT&T Documentary
  Archive Documentary Audio
   champagne's amazon friend
  Monopoly Star Child Searchers
  Pacific City
   boğuştum (edit)
  Vahşi Hayvanlarla
  MP3 release
   bendigo to kyoto
  Mike Cooper
   tiki tampoo
  Mike Cooper
   dance of deliverance
  Maurice Deebank
  Cherry Red
   canoe trip
  Suzane Ciani
   celestial harmonies (excerpt)
  Upper Astral
   "frame by frame free painting"
  Lillian F. Schwartz (documentary footage)
  Archive Audio
   blue spirals
  Daniel Kobialka
  Light In The attic
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