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Dummy Head Stereo Technique
MUSIC, Please!
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   hi-fi / speakers check
  Hi-Fi Weekly's Demo Disc
  BBC Records & Tapes
   welcome to the pleasuredome (pt 2 & 3)
  Frankie Goes To Hollywood
   my man (slow single mix)
  Cruisin' Gang
   robot probe
  DJ Me DJ You
  Emperor Norton
  Lucky 13 // The Downtown Scene
   waiting for you
  Godlike & Electric
   rapido di mezzanotte
  Pino D'Angio
   move on in (vocal OC Smith)
  Gordon Parks
   ma ya ya
  Underground Resistance
   kiriakos 76
  Nino Noikoladis
  Fortuna Records
   oiling boiling
  Matti Oiling
  Tranquil Eyes
   disrupt - citadel Station
   sidetegnash negn
  Mahmoud Ahmed
  Crammed Discs
   burma (45 + pitch)
  Feyd & Can B.
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