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Popcorn Sound! -- A Divine Teaser Set!!!
MUSIC, Please!
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  The Merced Blue Notes
   ten commandments of man
  Nickie Lee
   a shot of rhythm & blues
  Clyde McPhatter
   didn't know what time it was
  The Crampton Sisters
  DCP International
  The X-Rays
   ninety nine years
  Guy Mitchell
   james bond theme (double-0-seven)
  The Four Esquires
   call me
  Martin Denny
   saboo (wobble-cha)
  Joe Quijano // His Orchestra
   far east cha cha cha
  Cliff Davis Orchestra
  D.J. Copy
   evil ways
  Johnny Mathis
  The Midas Touch
   ungaua Pt. 1
  The Kingpins
  United Artists
   pourquoi est-il partii
  Marianne Mille
  RCA Victor
   she'll be gone
  Betty O'Brian
  United Artist
   i wanna hear it from you
  Nancy Adams
  RCA Victor
   soul city
  Ray Johnson // His Group
  The J's with Jamie
   catch a falling star
  Fran├žoise Hardy
  James Booker
   don't shut me out
  Sammy Davis Jnr
   somebody else is taking my place
  Esther Phillips
   mr. blah blah
  Ray Barretto // His Orchestra
   the soul of bonnie and clyde
  South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band
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