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An Artificial Eden
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   rondes printanières (Le sacre du Printemps) 1913
  Igor Stravinsky (Berliner Philharmoniker)
   'in this special showing of Hawaii Calls...'
  US TV dialogue (1958)
  Archive Documentary Audio
   primitiva (1958)
  Martin Denny
   An Aesthetic of Bird Calls (1999)
  Mike Cooper
   'the white man's garden of eden'
  from 'Air-Conditioned Eden' Documentary
  Archive Audio Excerpt
   The Wanderer (1960)
  Eden Ahbez
   Synthetic Jungle (2016)
  Michael Rau
  youtube / Michael Rau
   strange echoes (1959)
  Frank Hunter And His Orchestra
   Recess (2000)
  El Gran Lapofsky
   maratonga (2001)
   ofrenda (2017)
  Arkay Koo
   thick stew (2001)
  Wagon Christ
  Ninja Tune
   "a very distorted view of the culture"
  from 'Air-Conditioned Eden' Documentary
  Archive Documentary Audio
   quiet pillage (1982)
  23 Skidoo
  Fetish Records
   'accept nudity, perpetuated' (1994)
  from 'Air-Conditioned Eden' Documentary
  Archive Dialogue
   reverberasia (1957)
  Les Baxter
   Cloud Cuckoo Land (1991)
  Grunki Records
   exotica (1979)
  Throbbing Gristle
   pork albumen (1995)
  Funki Porcini
  Ninja Tune
   Six Things to a Cycle: Part 5. (1977)
  The Residents
   Outrigger Canoe Ride
  Sounds of Hawaii boat crews
  Archive Audio
   Mya Yadana (Kin Kin) 1994
  Tranquility Bass
  Exist Dance
   Bengalis From Outer Space (1989)
  West Indian Company
  Editions EG
   exotica (1994)
  Mychael Danna
  Varese Sarabande
   sim sim (1958)
  Arthur Lyman
  HiFi Records
   simha (2012)
  Pekka Airaksinen
   Tuatara (1996)
   'your own complicity, your own agreement'
  Prof. Haunani Kay Trask
  Archive Audio Excerpt
   slaveship (1996)
   untitled #5 (1984)
  Toshio Nakanishi
  Tra Project
   noisy village (1959)
  McFadden & Dor
   'this blending of pacific cultures…'
  Pan-Am's 'Wings to Hawaii' Travalogue (1972)
  Archive Audio Recordings
   b2love (1999)
  Curd Duca
  Mille Plateaux
   ding repair (2017)
  Jonny Nash
  Melody As Truth
   shanti (2015)
  James Pants
  Stones Throw
   'sounds of bird songs, monkey chattering...."
  from 'Air-Conditioned Eden' Documentary
  Archive Audio Recordings
   singing bamboo (1960)
  Martin Denny
   lagoon music (1985)
  Masayoshi Takanaka
   "native hawaiian are nowhere to be seen" (2015)
  Janet Mock (on MSNBC)
  Archive News Footage
   diamond head (1968)
  Beach Boys
   return to paradise (1959)
  Phil Moore & His Orchestra
   Mozambique (1964)
  Les Baxter
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