Backwards Romantic Bureaucrats
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   love songs (love is a many razor-bladed thing)
  For Life Records
   uoy gingovl (backwards)
  Minnie Ripperton
   love hangover
  Players Association
   "not everybody is ment to be a bottom"
  Mark "XXX" Dylan
  Advice Channel
   romantic bureaucracy
  Fatima Yamaha
  Light of Other Days
   pulse persephone
  Daphne Oram
  Paradigm Discs
   my lagan love
  Kate Bush
   love fantasy
  Tangerine Deam
  Heavy Metal World Wide
   "i consider myself a meta-morpho-sexual"
  Annie Sprinkle
  Archive Audio Recordings
   i want straight sex now
  5 Times of Dust
   Inch by Inch trailer
  Costello Presley // dialogue
  William Higgins Productions
   temple of pleasures
   crank heart
  Xiu Xiu
   "i was a crystal meth addict"
  'Dancing With The Devil' Documentary
  Broadcast excerpt
  Macintosh Plus
   "encourage my sisters to use a dental damn"
  Robin Byrd's Safe Sex Lesson
  Public Cable Access TV
   a moment of extreme sexual experimentation
  Lesbian Horse
   5oz of funk
  Patrick Cowley
   Dark Entries & HNYTRX
   "lube your cock up, lube his hole up..."
  Mark "XXX" Dylan
  Advice Channel
   The American way of Love (excerpt) //ENDS//
  United States of America
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