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Rituals of Healing
MUSIC, Please!
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   improvisation of Peyote Indian healing song
  Jarred Wood (Native American Flute)
   "how do you deal with Grief?"
  dialogue Sample
  Found Sound Recording
   she moves through the fair
  Fairport Convention
  Agnes Obel
  Play It Again Sam
   don't you know (album version)
  Jan Hammer
   a rabbit spoke to me when i woke up
   "tell them pretty things, gentle things"
  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (dialogue excerpt)
  Archive Audio Recordings
   let me go
   heaven taste (jimi tenor mix)
  No Man
  Hidden Art
   hey moon
  John Maus
  Upset The Rhythm
   "i will never leave you darling..."
  Glenda Jackson (dialogue)
  BBC Stevie Smith biopic.
  Zebedy Colt
  Ecco Productions
   Pyewacket purring (bewitching melody)
  Kim Novak // Pyewacket
  Archive Cinema Audio.
   nobody here (Memory Vague 11/11)
  Oneohtrix Point Never
  White Label
   to here knows when
  My Bloody Valentine
   words i don't remember
  How To Dress Well
  Weird World
   i'd swear there was somebody there
  David Crosby
   where are you?
  Oscar & The Wolf
   ella megablast burls forever
  Cocteau Twins
   "i LOVED my aunt"
  Glenda Jackson (dialogue)
  BBC Stevie Smith biopic.
   tonight you belong to me
  Cubismo Grafico
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