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The Disease That Stole Christmas
MUSIC, Please!
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   i'm a christmas tree
  Wild Man Fisher
  Dr. Demento
  Singers Unlimited
  Christopher Komeda
   Dawn Davenport At Christmas
  from "Female Trouble"
  Audio Excerpt
   blow job
  Bruce Haack
  Omni Recording Corporation
   are you psychic?
  Michael Turtle
  Music From Memory
   golden shades (with Red Axes)
  Golf Channel
   blue sway
  Paul McCartney
  Shan (Music For Autobahns)
  Rush Hour
   rock on (Hifi Sean & Shalvoy dub)
  David Essex
  Midnight Riot
   80's Gay Porno Xmas
  Original Cinema trailer
  Archive Audio
   swinger sex (KBE remix)
  Marianne Faithful
  Balearic Blah Blah
   tinsel town in the rain
  The Blue Nile
   Bette Davis & The Children
  A Festive Message
  Archive Audio
   santa claus has the AIDS this year
  Tiny Tim
   2000 light years from home
  Rolling Stones
   omnichord 2001
  The High Fidelity
  White Label
   black spuma
  Black Spuma
  International Feel
   love invaders
  Fatima Yamaha
   immortal birds diwali
  Multi Culti
   da hipster humous
  Ras G
   singen horen
  Andreas Dorau
   "Black Christmas"
  Original Cinema trailer
  Archive Audio
   walking through heaven
  Chris & Cosey
  Rough Trade
  Planet E
   cruel game
  Nouvelle Phénomène
  Other Voices
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