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201 - An Oddity Space
MUSIC, Please!
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   "a journey that begins, where everything ends...""
  Black Holes
  Archive Audio
   prelude / outer space / radar
  Bernard Hermann
  20th Century Fox
   they cam in peace (winston st. 3am dub)
  Tranquility Bass
  Exist Dance
   "you came here in the stone head...."
  Dialogue from ZARDOZ
  Archive Cinematic Audio
   granite of blobs ghost
  Cru Servers
  12th Isle
   car chase (arp worship)
  The Chemical Brothers
  Sony BMG Classics
   "Zardoz... speaks to you"
  Dialogue from ZARDOZ
  Archive Audio
   "you can experience anything you can imagine"
  Dialogue from Future World
  Archive Cinematic Audio
   warp odyssey
  Tornado Wallace
  Running Back
   galaxy in janaki
  Flying Lotus
   "where i tread i leave nothing but dust"
  dialogue from Dr. Who
  BBC Archive Audio
   black hit of space
  Human League
   voyage into space
  Greg Hawkes
   fantastic voyage // sound effects suite
  Leonard Rosenman
  Film Score Monthly
   "one special person on this horrible scary planet"
  dialogue from the Doom Generation
  Archive Dialogue LGBTQI History
   lunar rhapsody
  Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman
   "From Space-Age technology comes... POLYGLYCOAT!"
  vintage commercial advertising
  Archive Audio
   whisper / gasp
  Seth Graham
   moon whip quäz (feat. Darrius)
  Shabazz Palaces
  Sub Pop
   cosmic raindance
   world after
  Gary War
  Spectrum Spools
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