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   fur & feathers
  James Harpum
  Studio G
   alternative music for the Hindenberg Lounge
  Richard Bone
  Wicked Witch
   red light
  City Music
  Electric Record Company
   i dont wanna be a zombie
  Barbara Markay
  Hot Box
   i missed again (demo)
  Phil Collins
   laboratory decends/gaztak spaceship
  Science fiction sound effects
  BBC Records & Tapes
   city of the future
  Private Stock
   future times
  Hit Man
  Philly World Records
  Rock Action
  Edgar Froese
   change position (special disco mix spank 88)
  Brooklyn Express
   thanks to you
   take me with you
  Sammy Clarke
   bye bye papaye
  Les Disques du Crepescule
   volcanic journey
  Natures World
  Studio G
   get it up for love
  Ned Dohney
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