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my new boyfriend (homo slow)
MUSIC, Please!
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   oddball (demo)
  Phil Collins
   on the wire (learn to dance rmx) -33
  The Quick
   the boys come to town (dub 33 pitch down)
  Earlene Bentley
   knockin' (dub 33 pitch down)
  Bo Bellow
   smack in the box (33 pitch down)
  Jimmy The Hoover
   its a jungle out there (dub mix)
  Bone Symphony
   my new boyfriend (dub 33 pitch down)
  Carly Simon
   fire in my heart (original)
  Escape From New York
  Rush Hour
   re-election day (consensus mix)
   sledgehammer (dance mix)
  Peter Gabriel
   groovemaster (33 pitch down)
   jones the rhythm
  Grace Jones
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