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General Dissonance Selections
MUSIC, Please!
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   slow dope
  Andras Fox // Oscar S. Thorn
  Dopeness Galore
   oleo strut
  Marc Barreca
  Palace Of Lights
   wondering man
  Giuliano Sorgini
  Cinedelic Italy
   La Transformation
  Guyer's Connection
  Minimal Wave
  Spittle Records
   hot love
  Eno Louis
   Lindo sonho delirante LSD
  Karl Jenkins
  Finders Keepers
   cross court
  Vito Ricci
  Music From Memory
   Excerpt from Cassette No. 10
  Stereo Machines // Kinesis
  Color Disc
   my dirty self
  Andre De Saint Obin
  Plinkity Plonk
   there was a time
  Torn Hawk
  Mexican Summer
   Dino (Musik Von Harmonia)
  Hans-Joachim Roedelius
  P. Susheela // S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
   OutTaLud Bump (Hurtle Bump)
  Soonthorn Sujaridchan // Krongthong Tussanaphan
   soul swap
  Mystic Jungle
  Early Sound
   The Next Step
  In Aeternam Vale
  Minimal Wave
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