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World Aids Day - An Audio Tribute
MUSIC, Please!
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  Luxury Elite
   NBC's earliest report on AIDS 1982
  Archive News Broacast
  Archive recordings
   a gay song
  Everyone Involved
  White Label
   WC & Kevin interview excerpt
  "Killer In The Streets" BBC documentary
  BBC Archive
   school daze
  Patrick Cowley
  Dark Entries
   Act Up - A Documentary in progess
  Archive Documentary
  Archive News Footage
   legendary children
  Holly Johnson
   documentary excert
  Act Up, Fight Back!
  Archive News Footage
   the keys of life
  Klaus Nomi
   the impossible dream
   "the end of innocence" documentary (1985)
  Dialogue Excerpt
  BBC Archive
   useless man
   i'm not a monster
  Mark Dumais
  Unreleased demo
   "AIDS is everyone's problem" (1988)
  Australian Public Health Advertisement
  Audio Archives
   "pages and pages"
  "We Were There" - Aids Documentary
  Archive Footage
   gently johnny
  Paul Giovanni
   i need somebody to love tonight
   "people began to vanish"
  BBC Documentary
  Archive Footage
   hope theres someone
  Antony & The Johnsons
   Sarah Schulman interview excerpt
  United In Anger - The History of Act Up!
  Documentary Recordings
   song for a future generation
  Warner Bros.
   love is overtaking me
  Arthur Russell
  Rough Trade
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