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Polyphonic Meditations on Poly-variant Genders
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   the birth of venus
  Suzanne Ciani
  Finders Keepers
   "let me die a woman"
  documentary audio
  Archive Educational Footage
   its so nice to have a man about the house
  Nelson Riddle
   Christine Jorgenson interview
  Joe Pyne TV Show 1966
  Archive News Footage
   love is a woman (from Il Commissario Pepe)
  Edda Dell'Orso
   transient truth (extract)
  One Dove
   romy haag
   "i am woman"
  Julie Driscoll
  Monkees TV Show 1968
  Jogging House
  VHS Wave Vol. 2
   sex-y-gene (readers wife's transitioning edit)
  Jean Michel Jarre
  bootleg edit
  Aphex Twin
   a prayer for pandrogeny
  Lady Jaye & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
  Documentary Recordings
   Trans Am (transgendered american)
  Terre Thaemlitz
  Caipirinha Productions
   give a man a rod
  James Blake
   "shaving is a masculine ritual"
  Female To Male Transexual Documentary
  Documentary Recordings
   what will i wear?
  Joyce Grenfell
  His Master's Voice
   you gotta have soul
  Miss Marsha P. Johnson
  Archive LGBTI Audio
   i'm a man / three years on testosterone
  Bo Diddley // Skylar Kergil
  bootleg edit
   female to male trans individual
  Lucas Silveira // Patrick Califia // Buck Angel
  Archive LGBTI Audio
   am i a man?? (faster/slower disruption)
  Spencer Davis Groop
   i am your man
   "i know its controversial..."
  Judith Butler
  Archive Educational Footage
   get back your love (instrumental at +10)
  Telemedia N.
  Ninja Tune
   emotional conversation (excerpt) Sense8
  Nomi & Lito
   "his hips moved back & forth in a feminine way
  Judith Butler
  Archive Audio
   theme from a clockwork orange (beethoviana)
  Wendy Carlos
  Warner Bros.
   the perfect man
  Dory Previn
  United Artists
   "i'm sick of living in this body"
  Transgender Children "Being Me"
  ABC 4 Corners Documentary
   new sexuality
  Psychic TV
  Temple Records
   "am i feeding into the patriarchal gaze?"
  Laverne Cox // Bell Hooks
  Archive LGBTI Audio
   its gonna be alright
  Ill Disco
  Romy Haag
  Philips International
   "hormones & silicone implants"
  Veronica York Documentary
  Archive Documentary Audio
   the gospel according to Jesus, Queen of Heaven
  Jo Clifford
  Theatrical Trailer
   strength to dream
  Zang Tuum Tuum
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