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dancing with white powder & black plastic
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   i'm your puppet
  James and Bobby Purify
  James Booker
   tired of being lonely
   love is getting better
  The Groove
  Hugo Montenegro
   you're a might good lover
  The Vashonettes
   prove it to me
  Garnet Mimms
  United Artists
   in the basement pt. 1
  Sugar pie DeSanto
   i've got the blues
  Selena Jones
   call me
  Martin Denny
   a touch of venus
  Sandy Wynns
   how can you mistreat the one you love
  Jean & The Darlings
   ain't that asking for trouble
  Stevie Wonder
   i travelled the road
   you lie so well
  Marie Knight
   i love her so much it hurts
  Dave & Ruben
   sidra's theme
  Ronnie & Robin
  Sidra Records Inc.
   lets copp a groove
  Bill Wells
   little togetherness
  The Younghearts
   arrest me
  Jamo thomas
   magic touch
  Melba Moore
  Derek & Ray
   i'm on my way
  Dean Parrish
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