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Music, Please! is a Radio Sound Project curated and performed by DJ Hush. Music, PLEASE! has grown out of a sometimes monthly club night at Berkeley Suite, a long running weekly bar residency at Chinaski (where a spirit of quirky adventurousness and musical latitude is encouraged) and the dancing activities of the nomadic club event "Maxi Dance Pool". The diversity of sounds sampled in each episode of Music,PLEASE! may or may not traverse selected points on varied and myriad terrain:- spanning ambient new age, vapour wave and relaxing synthetics, through folk, psych, soul, primitive electronics, kraut rock, r'n'b, disco, punk rock, international sounds (Germany, France, Indian, Africa, Turkey etc), free-style and boogie, house, electronica, electro, and all manner of contemporary club rhythms. Thats a lot of sound! In addition expect fragments of spoken word & sound effects selected around various themes in order to present audio meditations and collages in real time. For those who dare, an adventure in sound...

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   Mon, 26/06/2017
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Social Media Black Box
19/06/2017 // Social Media Black Box

PROPORTIONALITY & CONTEXT ..... {A Fictional Premise:- }

voice reads : "Materials found after the fall of civilisation".

STAGING **(in a laboratory settings, a lone archivist sifts through dusty electronic objects)**

"At a crucial moment of societal flux, in a time when change genuinely seemed possible, on the turn of a bit-coin, in a rush of religious fundamentalism and social-determinist zealotry, suddenly everything collapsed.

Some 100 years later recordings from the Social Media Black Box, found in a buried, flickering and forgotten server terminal, reveal that the population were so busy squabbling amongst themselves about staggeringly trivial matters on all social network platforms, that they failed to notice the signals of collective devastation creeping inexorably their way."

MUSIC CUE **backing track fades in***

"They could not look out at each other, only inwards at themselves."

}}}. Hope not hubris // positivity not contempt // understanding not argument // communication not condemnation

NOTES...Blank fright new wave, historical nihilism, sound archetypes as a means of providing context to the present time frame.

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