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Music, Please! is a Radio Sound Project curated and performed by DJ Hush. Music, PLEASE! has grown out of a sometimes monthly club night at Berkeley Suite, a long running weekly bar residency at Chinaski (where a spirit of quirky adventurousness and musical latitude is encouraged) and the dancing activities of the nomadic club event "Maxi Dance Pool". The diversity of sounds sampled in each episode of Music,PLEASE! may or may not traverse selected points on varied and myriad terrain:- spanning ambient new age, vapour wave and relaxing synthetics, through folk, psych, soul, primitive electronics, kraut rock, r'n'b, disco, punk rock, international sounds (Germany, France, Indian, Africa, Turkey etc), free-style and boogie, house, electronica, electro, and all manner of contemporary club rhythms. Thats a lot of sound! In addition expect fragments of spoken word & sound effects selected around various themes in order to present audio meditations and collages in real time. For those who dare, an adventure in sound...

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   Mon, 03/04/2017
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20/03/2017 // Beware of Pink Noise

Listening Deeper....for Pink Noise

Somewhere between the binary positions of pure Synth Pop and squalling Cold Wave there lies a vast treasure trove of artists and groups who's different degrees of overlap straddle and propagate all manner of lurid musical moments.

Tight, angular yet melodic as a boring bird song, rhythmic and loose with the snap of urban attitude, woozy and liquid contemplation, dark sexual thoughts in the pop hybrid mould... gestating from miscellaneous geographic locations, and emerging at varied points in Time... if not Space

Music Please is taking a slight aside look today, with a collection/selection of materials which fall into and beyond these varied positions. Where synthetic iterations are very much the preferred mode of expression, but where the resulting sounds are both divergent and pleasingly diverting, but importantly not yet dissonant.

Melodic metallics - non-usual selections from -: John Dark, Model Man, Moderne, Kuruki, Our Daughters Wedding, Ironing Music, Bernard Fèvre, David Rostamo, Carlos Cutaia, Ganawa, Midnight Magic and others..........

making QUEER noise for QUEER people

∑o∑ HUSH ¥º

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