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Music, Please! is a weekly radio show and sound project curated and performed by DJ Hush. The show has evolved out of Hush’s long history and experience as a DJ, promoter, Music PR and radio maker (having been on Subcity as a regular contributor for almost 10 years). And an out of intense love of music. It strives to be an exploration of musical possibilities, a meditation on themes of identity, politics, semiotics and queer culture, a dimension for the disruption of (some) norms, an introduction to unknown and amazing sounds and artists. Its also an on-going interrogation of what a “'mix' is, or of what a 'DJ' does, or how music might, at times, be differently formulated for listening outside of the club experience. Its always fun, honestly, though maybe that doesn’t sound too fun. The structure of the episodes is created each week through track/sound selection and manipulation along with dialogue fragments, special EFX and pitch variations, beat-mixing and track blending. Or not, it really depends.

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Edition #178 -- Primitive Technologies & Arcane Synthesizers.

If you care to cast your ears beyond the disco roots of house and techno, you will discover a fertile history of experimental eccentrics exploring the very beginnings of the technologies that would provide disco with its icy arpeggios, and dance music its synthetic, metronomic percussion - the legendary Moog Synthesizer.

This episode manages to cram quite a number of examples (a very small assessment of the historical terrain) into a one hour broadcast, the blessing of the average 2 - 3 minute song lengths of the 1960's and 70's. But the selections included span a good deal of the approaches to how the Moog's sounds were deployed in the early years to make both pop, underground and experimental releases.

Dick Hyman must be one of the most prominent of the musical experimenters, with a handful of totally essential album releases (and the composer of the first Moog track to break the US top 10 in 1968). There is a profusion of Jazz drumming on display, beginning with the super fat breaks on 1977's 'jews harp' (with synth noodling care of Jan Hammer).

Mort Garson eschewed the wacky post-classical formulations of the like of Perry & Kingsley (not included in this selection, but well worth checking out) and instead threw himself into some out-there mind-expanding cerebral mysticism under a raft of pseudonyms, one of which - as Ataraxia - provides the spectacular occult proto-techno of 'wind dance' from 1975.

Also included, American Saxophonist John Murtaugh from his 1970 one-off but wonderful 'Blues Current' release (with a-grade input from Herbie Hancock & Bernard Purdie), Manfred Mann’s Earth Band serve some instense synthetic jazz rock. Euro-style, from Italy, abstract electronics from Giampiero Boneschi and glorious melody from a one-off budget label release from the mysterious pseudonym Shorty Baldan.

Gifted composer and conceptual artist Mason Williams (helped out by one half of Beaver & Krause and Mike Melvoin aka The Plastic Cow) drops another proto-dance drone-fest with 'generator oscillator'. Some soundtrack work from the animated 1980 film Animalympics and, late in the game but no less compelling, Romanian composer Adrian Enescu’s library release 'funky synthsizer' from 1982 (it very much lives up to its name BTW).

And closing the hour mix, the jazz musician, composer, conductor (and founder of moog supergroup Hot Butter) Stan Free. Former member of the First Moog Quartet, Hot Butter’s cover of “Song of the Nairobi Trio� is an exotica double header - a moog classic, and a exotica staple (written by Robert Maxwell, who also composed ‘Ebb Tide’ - made famous by Martin Denny and Les Baxter).

A jarring and zesty introduction to early electronic music for the uninitiated, and a refresher for fans of early moog artists and releases. Tremendous fun for 60 minutes.

A little history now and then....

Xxx HUSH xxX

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