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MUSIC, Please!
experimental // cosmic // synthetic // transcontinental // popsound

Music, Please! is a weekly radio show and sound project curated and performed by DJ Hush. The show has evolved out of Hush’s long history and experience as a DJ, promoter, Music PR and radio maker (having been on Subcity as a regular contributor for almost 10 years). And an out of intense love of music. It strives to be an exploration of musical possibilities, a meditation on themes of identity, politics, semiotics and queer culture, a dimension for the disruption of (some) norms, an introduction to unknown and amazing sounds and artists. Its also an on-going interrogation of what a “'mix' is, or of what a 'DJ' does, or how music might, at times, be differently formulated for listening outside of the club experience. Its always fun, honestly, though maybe that doesn’t sound too fun. The structure of the episodes is created each week through track/sound selection and manipulation along with dialogue fragments, special EFX and pitch variations, beat-mixing and track blending. Or not, it really depends.

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   17:00 - 18:00
   Mon, 17/12/2018
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Pop Expo Situation
03/12/2018 // Pop Expo Situation

Edition #221. POP goes the EXPO

"so come on and clap your hands to it, come on and do your thing to it"

Les Melody de Monde, la Música del Mundo, die Musik der Welt....

Returning to the fold after a break of two weeks without transmissions, this weeks episode is a two hour mini Pop Exposition.

My ears have remained firmly in the 80's for such a long duration of musical education. And they end up returning there time and time again. That Pop nugget vein remains rich and rewarding one to mine. As the music of the non-western world has penetrated more and more into my listening and DJing, i keep finding serious joys in the musical breadth of that decade.

Todays selection spans (predominately) the years 1979 - 1991 (the REAL 1980's is more accurately 12 years long...), with chart stops around the world for sounds from Brazil, Germany, Guiana, USA, Egypt, Portugal, France, South Africa, Japan, Scotland, Italy, Spain and the Democratic Republic of The Congo. However there is a small dusting of contemporary synth-pop delights among the great Pop Pavilions of the 80's on EAR show today.

This is a "ain't got no trouble" kind of show. Its a winter warmer, a mood heater. Dance and sing along.

Respect & Love.

Ω HuussH Ω


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