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MUSIC, Please!
experimental // cosmic // synthetic // transcontinental // popsound

Music, Please! is a weekly radio show and sound project curated and performed by DJ Hush. The show has evolved out of Hush’s long history and experience as a DJ, promoter, Music PR and radio maker (having been on Subcity as a regular contributor for almost 10 years). And an out of intense love of music. It strives to be an exploration of musical possibilities, a meditation on themes of identity, politics, semiotics and queer culture, a dimension for the disruption of (some) norms, an introduction to unknown and amazing sounds and artists. Its also an on-going interrogation of what a “'mix' is, or of what a 'DJ' does, or how music might, at times, be differently formulated for listening outside of the club experience. Its always fun, honestly, though maybe that doesn’t sound too fun. The structure of the episodes is created each week through track/sound selection and manipulation along with dialogue fragments, special EFX and pitch variations, beat-mixing and track blending. Or not, it really depends.

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   17:00 - 18:00
   Mon, 23/07/2018
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Its a heavy thing to do on a Lite Day :)
02/07/2018 // warm sound intervention

“its a turn down day…. and i DIG IT�

Blazing sunshine, groovy vibes, wholesome smiles and happy faces.

Sunshine pop is indeed that most unfashionable of musical genres. Deliberate edgeless and unpolitical in a time of riotous political, social and cultural upheaval - it is the squeaky clean sound of middle class American teenagers, basking in the wealth of the second wave of US consumer affluence.

There are no troubling epochal political concerns to bother these wholesome combos. Vietnam? Protesting racial equality? psychedelia, drug use, filthy rock music and “dropping out�?? Hey, don’t bum us out man! (and its is largely men).

Nothing but lazy summer romances (heterosexual, OBVS), innocent yet serious romantic infatuations (you can discern this by the degree to which the music references classical music phrasings - grown up!) and the narrow preoccupations of wistful pseudo-hippie youths. These kids are NEAT-niks, not Beatniks.

However, these 40-50 year old curious have an undeniable, irresistible charm. It is incredibly sweet and optimistic music, the sounds of a generation without cares. The melodies alone are frustratingly catchy, and the song-writing skill of soft rock legends like Paul Williams, Roger Nichols, Kurt Boetcher and Jimmy Webb are some of the finest of the era.

In this heat why not lose yourself in a lost world of naive, up-beat song-craft.

“but what else to do but Small Talk…. with you� - Claudine.


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