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Music Is The Music Language
punk // diy // glasgow

A radio show put together by some of the artists and organisers of a brand new independent music festival in Glasgow.

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27/08/2011 // #1

Scottish promoters Cry Parrot, Tracer Trials and Winning Sperm Party have been putting on shows with the same fundamental DIY/non-profit ethics for sometime now, but “ethics� in the context of the music promotion business seems like asking China to halt it’s production and reinvent money. Besides, does the politics behind putting on shows really matter when all that’s important is enjoying it?

We’re spoilt. Most venues have more posters than wallpaper. It’s soo easy to ignore the defiance that these collectives conduct themselves with. Consistently low door prices; money directly to the artists; not to mention their unwavering support of the inclusive community of local artists and putting on artists from outside the UK that haven’t sold much more than 50 records let alone pull more than 50 people to their shows.

This is something that’s felt at the nights to - the vibe is very different - especially when the gigs are put on anywhere not just a venue desperate to sell booze while it’s clientele, intent on getting a winch that night, chatter in the front row.

Nothing highlights this defiance and spirit of independence more than their latest project: Music Is The Music Language. The festival is a two day event spread across a number of venues. Involving a ton of artists from the experimental pop of Muscles of Joy, the punk rock of Gummy Stumps to the afro-noise of Cut Hands and guitar goth of Vom.

In a recent interview Fielding and Emily (from Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails respectively) stated that ‘underground music is strongest and most exciting where and when the values of diversity, cooperation, inclusiveness, generosity and fun are most vigorously defended.’ With this statement in mind, the studio will be filled with a bunch of artists and organisers from the festival, all collaborating,

Plus there will be some live recordings from Hype Williams, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Damo Suzuki, Falconry et al. All recorded at past Cry Parrot shows.

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