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credit crunch special
Music For Pleasure
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   Straighten up and fly right
  Nat King Cole
  World Record Club
   In The Air Tonight
  Phil Collins
Record Breakers! Which of the the next two records need to go to the great bargin bin in the sky. You Decide
   Goodby Again
  John Denver
   I Can't Dance to That
  Chris Rae
   Bridget the Midget
  Ray Stevens
   Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music
  Cliff Richard
  Music for Pleasure
   Don't Leave Me This Way
   I just called to say I love you (instrumental)
  Stevie Wonder
The last year's 45s Megamix featured
  Hot Butter
   Stutter Rap (no sleep til bedtime)
  Morris Minor and the Majors
   Ziggy Stardust
  David Bowie
   Handbags and Gladrags
  Rod Stewart
   My Sweet Lord
  George Harrison
End of Last year's 45s Megamix
   The Lassie Gath'rin Nits
  The Gorbals High Society Clan
  Marble Arch
   Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit
  Die Grosse Stimmungsblase
   (I left my heart) in San Fransisco
  James Last
   Oh What a Beautiful Morning
  Frank Sinatra
John Dever is voted by a landslide to a life in the great bargin bin in the skt. Chris Rae Gets to live another day
  Derek and the Dominoes
   I wish you love
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