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wants to play at a Subcity event
Music For Pleasure
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Gief live show plz k thx bye
   20th Century-Fox Fanfare
  RCA Symphony Orchestra
   Sun Arise
  Rolf Harris
  Nat King Cole
   Never Going Back Again
  Fleetwood Mac
  Warner Bros.
   Mercury from the Planets
   Four Yorkshiremen
  Monty Python
   Air on a G String
   O Fortuna
  Carl Orff
  Mike Oldfield
   Your Song
  Elton John
   In The Air Tonight
  Phil Collins
   House of the Rising Sun
  Blind Brothers of Alabama
   If I Were A Rich Man
  Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass
   Strangers In The Night
  The Sandpipers
   In The Court of King Caractacus
  Rolf Harris
  Music for Pleasure
   99 Red Balloons
  Hot Butter
   Star Trekkin'
  The Firm
   Can't Stop
  Michael Jackson
  Boney M
   Dancing on the Ceiling
  Lionel Ritchie
   Village Ghetto
  Stevie Wonder
   Mister Booze
  Bing Crosby // Frank Sinatra // Dean Martin // Sammy Davis Jr
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