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77-84 Vive la revolution!
Music For Pleasure
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The History of Popular Music Pt 4. Vive la Revolution!
   Rocking All Over The World
  Status Quo
  Boney M
  The Bee Gees
   I Feel Love
  Donna Summer
   Blame It On The Boogie
  The Jacksons
   I Fought The Law
  The Clash
   Drinking With The Devil
   Highway to Hell
this next song was streamed from Mymajorcompany.com but it's really good so that's ok
   Getting Me Down
  Siobhan Wilson
  My Major Company
   rapper's delight
  Sugar Hill Gang
paul's brought in another shiney disk. Sigh
   In The Evening
  Led Zeppelin
no mystery bags in Oxfam! We'll just have to badly dj with what we've got with us then!
   Every 1's A Winner
  Hot Chocolate
   Another Brick In The Wall
  Pink Floyd
   Eye Of The Tiger
  Scotti Bros
   Baker Street
  Gerry Rafferty
  United Artists
   Special Brew
  Bad Manners
   House Of Fun
   Call Me
   Club Tropicana
   Summer Nights
  John Travolta // Olivia Newton John
and exhale
   In The Air Tonight
  Phil Collins // His Massive Face
   Every Breath You Take
  The Police
  John Lennon
   Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough
  Michael Jackson
   Kids In America
  Kim Wilde
   Karma Chameleon
  Culture Club
  Heaven 17
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