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what is this all about? – 2 hours of confusion
Music For Pleasure
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Day of the wierd songs
   2000 Light Years From Home
  Rolling Stones
   The Louden Boomer Bird
  Max Bygraves
   My Friend The Wind
  Demis Roussosss
   Another Boring B-Side
  Morris Minor and the Majors
   Rich Man
  Los Indios Tabajaras
Shiny disc #1
  The Prodigy
   Prelude nu 12 in F Minor
  Les Swingle Singers
   Pania of the Reef
  Mauriora Entertainers
   Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit
  stimmungslieder zum mitsingen
   Someone's pinched my winkles
  Rolf Harris
   Grandpa's Grave
  Peter Sellers
   Happy Birthday
  Damil Music
  Happy house
Phull Collins song of the week
   Another Day In Paradise
  Phil Collins
   Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  Noel Coward
   stars on stevie
   Who says a funk band can't play rock?!
   This Land Is Your Land
  A street organ.
   The Laughing Policeman
  Mike Sammers
  Music for Pleasure
Shiny disc #2
   Given to fly
  Pearl Jam
   Love Theme from 'a star is born'
  Barbra Streisand
  Alan Moorehouse
  Music for Pleasure
   The Masochism Tango
  Tom Lehrer
   Four and Twenty Virgins
  Betty Taylor // Neil Linden // Gorbals High Society Choir
  Marble Arch
   Pinnocchio in Smurfland
  Father Abraham
   Side B Track 3
   Star Trekkin'
  The Firm
   I'm still standing
  Elton John
  The Rocket Record
   Shaddapa yourface
  Joe Dolce
  Val Doonican
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