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the lovey dovey icky hour
Music For Pleasure
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hmm this could be interesting
   The River
  Nitin Sawney
   Also Sprach Zarathustra
  Strauss // Jeff Love // His Orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
   Space Walk
  Lemon Jelly
   Night Flight To Venus
  Boney M
   The Old Man of Lochnagar
  Peter Ustinov // HRH The Prince of Wales
   Dub Beats
  Mr Scruff
  Ninja Tune
Shiny dick! OMG! WTF!
   Everything in it's right place
  Frankie Goes To Hollywood
   Napalm Brain/Scatterbrain
  DJ Shadow
   Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
  Bryan Adams
   Accordian Instrumental (Fourtet Remix)
  Stones Throw
Put your hands up in the air for the Mystery Bag Megamix
   God Is A DJ
   You Better Not Return To Me
   Man With No Name
   Night Sessions 1
  Jaimy // Kenny D Present
  Combined Forces
   King Of My Castle
  Whamdue Project
Back to "normality"
   Ommadawn Part I
  Mike Oldfield
   Rock-A-My Soul
  Richard Williams Junior Singers
  Land of Song
   I Feel Love
  Donna Summer
  Hot Butter
   Kamate! Kamate!
  unknown artist
   7 Brothers
  Oi Va Voi
   House of Love
  East 17
   Lester Leaps In
  illanois Jacket
well that was more fun and (we hope) more succesful than we thought it would be. Make sure to give us your suggestions for FM either on the forums or on the facegroup.
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