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The Paulson Plan
Music For Pleasure
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   Every Breath You Take
  The Police
   Bullitt (Main Title)
  Lalo Schifrin
  Warner Bros.
  The Bee Gees
   Christopher Columbus
  Ernie Fields and Orchestra
a song from my youth
   Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellabogen-By-The-Sea
  Max Bygraves
   When I See an Elephant Cry (Paul's Scratch remix)
  The Cast
  Alan Moorhouse
  Music for Pleasure
  Bert Weedon
thirty three and a third pence single of the week
   You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  Cilla Black
   Wives and Lovers
  Burt Bacharach // His Orchestra and Chorus
  Los Reales del Paraguy
  Music for Pleasure
mystery bag happy fun time
   Maggie May
  Rod Stewart
  Simon and Garfunkel
   Danza Oriental
  Nino di Alicante and Troupe
   Psalm 34, Verses 1-3
  Northern Presbytery Choir
  Sound News
   Super Trooper
   Fugue in D Minor (from the Art of the Fugue)
  Les Swingle Singers
   Love Over Gold
  Dire Straits
end of mystery bag happy fun time
   We Don't Need Another Hero
  Tina Turner
   Jeepers Creepers
  B Fieldman
   The Groover
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