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the best music for pleasure episode... ever
Music For Pleasure
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It's the last show of the year. Let's go out doing the same thing we do every week.
   Eye of the tiger
   Mister Booze
  Bing Crosby // Frank Sinatra // Dean Martin // Sammy Davis Jr
   A Hard Day's Night/I Feel Fine/Can't Buy Me Love
  Big Ben Banjo Band
   You've lost that lovin feeling
  Cilla Black
   Softly Whispering I Love You
  The Congregation
  The Sandpipers
  Pye International
  James Last
  Los Reales del Paraguay
  Music for Pleasure
  Los Beta Quartet
  The Torero Band
  Music for Pleasure
   Dallas Theme
  Geoff Love // His Orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
   Rocket Man
  William Shatner
  White Label
   In the air tonight (Phull Collins Mix)
  Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Phil Collins // Eric Clapton
   The Philosopher's Song
  Monty Python
   Sun Arise
  Rolf Harris
   I Say A Little Prayer
  Alan Moorhouse
  Music for Pleasure
   Grootvaders Klock
  H C Works
   Prelude No. 9 (from the Well-Tempered Clavier)
  Les Swingle Singers
   So Long, Farewell
  The Cast of the Sound of Music
  RCA Victor
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