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the gospel according to vinyl
Music For Pleasure
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Easter Wishes...whatever that involves!
  Judas // Angels // Chorus
  George Michael
   Yes He Lives
  Cliff Richard
  Music for Pleasure
Shiny disk for once leads to good (if long) song...
   Stairway to Heaven
  Led Zeppelin
   Heaven must be missing an angel (pt 1)
   Another Day In Paradise
  Phil Collins
   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  Eric Clapton
Megamix time!
   Jaws Theme
  Geoff Love // His Orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
   Boogie Wonderland
  Earth, Wind and Fire
   Band On The Run
  Paul McCartney // Wings
   Diamonds Are Forever
  Shirley Bassey
  United Artists
   Jupiter, from the Planets
  The BBC Symphony Orchestra
  Classics for Pleasure
Back to vaguely easter-y things.
   God Is A DJ
   God Only Knows
  The Beach Boys
   Rivers of Bablyon
  Boney M
   Spirit In The Sky
  Doctor And The Medics
   Losing My Religion
  Warner Bros.
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