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Bigger Than Jesus — Did th Beatles Change Everyt
Music For Pleasure
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Bigger Than Jesus/Did The Beatles Change Everything
  The Beatles
   Paperback Writer/Eight Days a Week/I'll Get You
  Big Ben Banjo Band
   Strangers In The Night
  Gary Blake // His Orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
   A Taste of Honey
  Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass
   If I Fell
  The Beatles
   Mother's Little Helper
  The Rolling Stones
   Black Magic Woman
  Fleetwood Mac
   Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
   Do Re Mi
  Julie Andrews
A Song From My Youth
   The Boxer
  Simon and Garfunkel
  Leonard Cohen
   So Far Away
  Carole King
  Joni Mitchell
Mystery Bag Mega Mix!
   I Don't Believe (anyone likes this tune)
  Wet Wet Wet
   Message In Bottle
  The Police
   You Should Be Dancing
  The Bee Gees
   Crocodile Rock
  Elton John
   Four Yorkshiremen
  Monty Python
   I'll Be There For You
Enough of things like that
   Good Vibrations
  The Beach Boys
  Music for Pleasure
   I'm A Believer
  The Monkees
  RCA Victor
   It's Gonna Rain
  Sonny // Cher
  Lulu and the Luvvers
  Old Gold
   I'm Looking through you
  The Beatles
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