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2 hours of musical pleasure
Music For Pleasure
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Two hours of torture for us, TWO HOURS OF FUN FOR YOU.
   Band on the run
   We Got Lovin'
  Wet Willie
   Diamond Dogs (live)
  David Bowie
   Is This Love
  Bob Marley and The Wailers
time for a shiny disc methinks
   Burden in my hand
   Any man who loves his mother
  Dean Martin
   the power of love
  Frankie Goes To Hollywood
   Morning has broken
  Nina Mouskouri
P*** C****** song of the week
   The West Side
  Phil Collins
   Gethsemane (I Only Want To Stay)
   I Feel Love
  Donna Summer
   Heaven must be missing an angel
  Hot Butter
  Pye International
   Groove is in the Heart
   Young Hearts Run Free
  Candi Station
  Warner Bros.
   Stayin Alive
  The Bee Gees
ROGUE LEADER song of the week
  George Michael
   Our God shall surely come
  Northern Presbytery Choir
   How Much Is That Doggy In The Window
  Mr Pickwick
  Pickwick International
   I Fought The Law
  The Clash
Return of the mystery bag!
   Killing Pidgeons in the Park
  Tom Lehrer
   Drunken Piper
  Jimmy Shand
   Loyal Apology
  Griff Rhys Jones // Mel Smith
   Silly Love Songs
   Magnificent Seven
  Geoff Love // His Orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
   The Tale of Jeremy Fisher
  Wendy Craig
  Music for Pleasure
  Scottish National MOD 1975
end o' that
   Got To Give It Up
  Thin Lizzy
   Thank Heaven for Little Girls
  Maurice Chevalier
   Mister Booze
  Bing Crosby // Frank Sinatra // Dean Martin // Sammy Davis Jr // Chorus
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