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it;s madness I tell thee. MAAADNESSS
Music For Pleasure
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This week it's not right but it's good
   Stay Out My Kitchen (If You Can't Stand the Heat)
  Bo Kirkland // Ruth Davis
   Star Trekkin'
  The Firm
   Teenage Beer Drinkin Party
  Teenage Head
Big sexy time with big phil's big face
   Another day in Paradise
  Phil Collins
  Les Swingle Singers
   Ave Maria
  Mormon Tabernacle Choir
   Your Lucky Day in Hell
   (I love to play) my ukelele
  Max Bygraves
   Pinocchio in Smurfland
  Father Abraham
Mr. E's mega mix
   Flying Junk
   Whae Ma Wee Gas Mask
  Johnny Beattie
   Walk On By
  Johnny Mathis
  Tony Bennett
   Life Story
  Barbara Streisand
enough of that sort of thing
  De Arabier
   Someones Pinched My Winkles
  Rolf Harris
   Grampa's Grave
  Peter Sellers
   The Court of King Caractacus
  Rolf Harris
  Music for Pleasure
   Pa Mai
  Various Maori Girls
   50 Years of Broadcasting
  RenĂ© Cutforth
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