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The Appendix
Music For Pleasure
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The history of popular music: addendum
   Prepare ye the way of the lord
  Godspell London Cast Recording
   Titles (from Chariots of Fire)
  Clarence Carter
   It's a shame
  Grand Master Flash // The Furious Five
   A Swingin' Safari
  Bert Kampfert // His Orchestra
   Going Underground
  The Jam
   Get It On
   Glenn Millar Medly
  Concert Band and Chorus of the R.A.A.F
Shiny disc time
  Smashing Pumpkins
   Goove Is In The Heart
   Bread Winner
  Jurassic 5 // Charlie 2una
  Eastern Conference
   Evil Things (Fudge Fingas Remix)
  Joseph Malik
   Buildin steam with a grain of salt
  DJ Shadow
Mystery Bag Megamix tiem
   Magnificent Seven
   Piano Concerto No. 18 in B Flat Major, K. 456, 3rd
  Daniel Barenbom // The English Chamber Orchestra
   Symphony No. 51 in B Flat Major, Minuet
  Philamonia Hungarica
  Ace of Diamonds
   The Lord Mayor's Table
  Heather Harper // Paul Hamburger
   The Syncopated Clock
  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  Reader's Digest
   I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
  Dionne Warwicke
   Mrs Robinson
  Frank Sinatra
   Smells like teen Spirit
  David Geffen
   Fool For Your Lovin'
  United Artists
   Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party
  Teenage Head
   Pinnochio in Smurfland
  Father Abraham
   In the midnight hour
   Goodness Gracious Me!
  Peter Sellers // Sophia Loren
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