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the end...
Music For Pleasure
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it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine
   Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord
  Godspell London Cast Recording
   A Taste of Honey
  Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass
  The Sandpipers
  Pye International
   With A Little Help From My Friends
  Alan Moorhouse
  Music for Pleasure
   Spanish Harlem
  Benny King
  Phil Collins
   Stars on Stevie
  Stars on 45
   Thunderbirds Theme
  Geoff Love and his orchestra
  Music for Pleasure
  Hot Butter
   Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
  The Offspring
   Tijuana Taxi
  Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass
   Stutter Rap
  Morris Minor and the Majors
   Call Me Al
  Paul Simon
  Warner Bros.
   Crocodile Rock
  Elton John
  Warner Bros.
   Eye of the Tiger
  Scotti Brothers
   Night Flight to Venus
  Boney M
   Mr Booze
  Robin and the Seven Hoods
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