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The comeback
Music For Pleasure
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We're back!
   The Heat is on
  Glenn Frey
   You Got It
  Average White band
   Octopus's Garden
  The Beatles
   White Cliffs of Dover
  Vera Lynn
   The Man Who Plays the Mandolino
  Pepe Jaramillo
  Music for Pleasure
Joe's vocabulary has increased to include "CD" over the summer...
  Pearl Jam
   Nothing's gonna stop us now
   Dirty Diana
  Michael Jackson
   In The Air Tonight
  Phil Collins
After over five months of waiting, it's time for the Megamix!
   I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  Whitney Houston
   Take On Me
   King Herod's Song
  Andrew Lloyd Weber
End of megamix!
   God's Plan For Families
  David Maddux
  Gospel Light
   My Sweet Lord
  George Harrison
   Ain't No Sunshine
  Bill Withers
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