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Music Always Comes First
hiphop // rnb // grime // unsigned // rap

Music Always Comes First will bring a live range of tracks from HipHop,RnB,Rap,Grime and Unsigned music. The aim is to give music a chance which would perhaps not be given the chance on mainstream radio. Although at times some mainstream tracks may be played to give a bit of variety on the show, we will mainly be aiming at giving the talent of the UK and ROI the chance to have some airplay. If you are an artist then you can send your own tracks in by emailing [email protected] All music will be taken into consideration. You can also contact us via our Bebo and Myspace. Send us any questions,queries or track requests. On the show along with good music we will also have sketches and guest appearances. Presnter Jay will look to bring a fun and banterful show and along with the choosen SPECIAL GUEST on each show there will be some funny radio moments ahead. Check out Music Comes First Records Artists, Madhat, Blasfima Sinna, The 9's, The Zicos and Steph Campion on the Label roster on www.mcfr.co.uk. Feel free to send us any feedback on the show and also future things you would like included. Hope you enjoy the show.

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Uv Beatz & MCF Uk Music Special
02/05/2010 // Uv Beatz & MCF Uk Music Special

The UV UK Special - Some of the best Old And New tracks circulating the scene at the moment choosen by Jay and Mr Uv Beatz Himself ......Riddlah!!

Special Guest and a promise of banter and good music.

Tune in!

Expect a great show!!

Saturday 1st May 12-2am

on www.subcity.org

Also there will be a section of the show called -

Doctor Riddlah's Surgery

This is where anyone can email in and ask Dr Riddlah for advice on music,on recording,on girlfriends,on the current world climate and Dr Riddlah will do his best to diagnose and cure your problem.

HA cant wait

So send the emails in during the show to [email protected] or if before the show send it to [email protected]

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