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Movin' On Up
soul // 60s // mod // rockandroll

Movin' On Up focuses on the foot tapping, head-nodding infectious grooves of the music that epitomised the mod era of music, and everything it inspired up to the current day. It explores the best of rock 'n' roll, blues rock, punk and of course, soul. Inspiration is drawn from the original mods of the 60s right up until the bands and artists who are carrying on in the same spirit today. It's music for people who want to move and lose themselves. Music with soul, passion and grit. It is life-affirming and I plan to share it. There's a lot to cover, from soul to rhythm 'n' blues, straight up rock 'n' roll to ska, punk to Brit-pop and baggy. So put your loafers on, and move on up with me.

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New Year; Same Show
10/02/2017 // #5 New Year; Same Show

And we're back! After some time away last semester and accidentally missing the first show of this year (oops) we're finally back on air. No theme for this show, just getting back into the swing of things with some uplifting Mod-inspired tunes.

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