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Motown Versus!
comedy // funk // soul // motown // swing

Each week I will play a selection of the grooviest, coolest motown tunes and a guest will come in to play a selection from a completely different genre of music in an attempt to beat the shear musical delight that is the motown sound! Expect to see the return of such classic games as "Dear Deirdre Solves the Problems of the World", "Famous Films for Northerners" and "Hide the Mars Bar"- all with brilliant prizes.

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Motown versus The 80's Baby!!!
20/02/2009 // Motown versus The 80's Baby!!!

Live on 106.6 FM, Motown Versus is back up against the decade that taste forgot! With tunes from Kim Wilde, Katrina and The Waves, Quincy Jones and all your Motown favourites! Including the greatest Motown jingles of all time, hide the toblerone, Dear Deirdrie up against Dear Dinder and some stupid American Rules!!

With Andy Jones and Jamie Sellers, live at 5pm every Friday!

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