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do ray me fa so la ti ... no ?
Morning Breath
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   Good Morning
  Gene Kelly // Donald O'Connor // Debbie Reynolds
   Oh What A Beautiful Morning!
  Gordon Macrae
   Benjamin Calypso
  Andrew Lloyd Webber
   I Could Have Danced All Night
  Julie Andrews
   You Can't Stop The Beat
  Nikki Blonsky // Zac Efron // Amanda Bynes // Elijah Kelley // John Travolta // Queen Latifah
   Bless Your Beautiful Hide
  Howard Keel
   I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  Laura Williams // Jason Weaver // Rowan Atkinson
  Walt Disney
   The Trolley Song
  Judy Garland
  Hollywood Soundstage
   Maybe This Time
  Liza Minnelli
  Andrew Lloyd Webber
   Elephant Love Melody
  Nicole Kidman // Ewan McGregor
   Sixteen Going On Seventeen
  Julie Andrews
  RCA Victor
   Any Dream Will Do
  Donny Osmond
   Getting To Know You
  Marni Nixon // Deborah Kerr
   Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
  Fred Astaire
   Run And Tell That
  Elijah Kelley
  Kristin Chenoweth
  Decca Broadway
   The Deadwood Stage
  Doris Day
   Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
  The Munchkins
  RCA Victor
   Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  Frankie Valli
   My Favourite Things
  Julie Andrews
  RCA Victor
   Hopelessy Devoted To You
  Olivia Newton John
  Bill Lee // Charmain Carr
  RCA Victor
   The Lonely Goatherd
  Julie Andrews // Charmain Carr // Heather Menzies
  RCA Victor
   Someone In The Crowd
  Emma Stone // Cailie Hernandez // Sonoya Mizuno // Jessica Rothe
   A Spoonful of Sugar
  Julie Andrews
  Buena Vista
   And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
  Jennifer Hudson
   Lay All Your Love On Me
   One Day More
  Les Miserables - Original Cast
  First Night
   Defying Gravity
  Kristin Chenoweth // Idina Menzel
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