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The Ark
Morning Breath
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   The Animals Came In Two By Two
   Man Gave Names to All the Animals
  Jason Mraz
  The Beatles
   The Wolves
  Ben Howard
   I'm Like A Bird
  Nelly Furtardo
   Bye Bye Blackbird
  Peggy Lee
   Little Lion Man
  Mumford & Sons
   White Horse
  Taylor Swift
  Big Machine
   A Horse With No Name
  Warner Bros.
   Blinking Pigs
  Little Dragon
   Dog Days Are Over
  Florence & the machine
  Moshi Moshi
   Feel Good Inc
   [Theme From] The Monkees
  The Monkees
  RCA Victor
   Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat
  Scatman Crothers
  Buena Vista
   The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
  The Tokens
   Wild Horses
  Natasha Bedingfield
   Karma Chameleon
  Culture Club
  One Direction
   Who Let The Dogs Out
  Baha Men
   The Salmon Dance
  The Chemical Brothers
   The Talking Fish
  Ibibio Sound Machine
   The Snake
  Al Wilson
   Eye of the Tiger
  Scotti Bros
   Dark Horse
  Katy Perry // Juicy J
  Katy Perry
   Chip Diddy Chip
   What's New Pussycat?
  Tom Jones
   When Doves Cry
  Warner Bros.
   Hungry Like The Wolf
  Duran Duran
   Hounds of Love
  Kate Bush
   Can't Fight The Moonlight
  Leann Rimes
   She Wolf
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