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Modern Highlife
electronic // jazz // latin // bass // afrobeat

Last year we had Mapping Terra Incognita.....new name, new show!!! Rhythm, Beats and Soul......what else do we need? Packed with fresh new cuts from around the globe, whether it be the latest forward bass movement from the UK, classic Disco Fuentes from Columbia, spanking new syncopated beats from Nigeria to leftfield Hip Hop from Japan........if it makes the head nod and the hips girate, you'll find it here. All killer and some filler, tune in and turn it up.....feel the beat of Modern Highlife.

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All Vinyl Festive Special!
15/12/2010 // All Vinyl Special

Yes its that time again, final show of the year. However instead of some weird remixes of festive crooners or the standard countdowns, Ive just decided to bring along a bunch of records that were big in my box this year. A bunch of them are from this year (Gold Panda, Flying Lotus, Joy Orbison, Ramadanman, Balam Acab, Quest;) but there are still some stellar cuts that are still doing it for me that made it into the set.

All vinyl, live in the studio......Merry Christmas everyone!

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