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GUEST: Button Down With Jack Button Up
Mighty Mighty
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  Foster Sylver
   Why Won't You Say
  The Chantells
  Soul Kitchen
   Listen Here
  Valorie Keys
  Double Shot
   Can You Hear Me
  Lee Dorsey
   Check Your Bucket
  Eddie Bo
   Baby Let Me Take You
  The Detroit Emeralds
   Hi Bird
  Studio G's Beat Group
  Studio G
   Hop Toad
  The Rob Franken Organ-Isation
   You're a Stone Groovy Thing
  Ruth Brown
  Solid State
   Ruler Of My Heart
  Irma Thomas
   Sweet Thang
  Shuggie Otis
   Soulful Strut
  Young Holt Unlimited
   One Step Ahead
  Aretha Franklin
   What Do You See In Her
  Inell Young
   I'm Not Ready For Love
  New Directions
   Runnin' Out
  Mable John
   I'm Too Tough For Mr Big Stuff (Hot Pants)
  Vicki Anderson
   Lowdown Popcorn
  The J.B.'s
   Sissy Walk
  Freedom Now Brothers
  All Brothers
   Mean Man
  Betty Harris
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