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Kick A Dope Verse
Mighty Mighty
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   Scars & Memories
  MF Grimm
  Day By Day
   Strange Ways
  Stones Throw
   Kick A Dope Verse
  The Cenubites
  Fondle 'Em
   Open Your Eyes
  Organized Konfusion
  A Tribe Called Quest
   I Like It (Buckwild Remix)
  Grand Puba // Sadat X
   Put It On
  Big L
   Flip Da Script
  Da King & I
   Oh Me Oh Mi
   No Need For Alarm
  Del The Funky Homosapien
  Souls of Mischief
   Flavor Of The Month
  Black Sheep
   Stages & Lights
  Sadat X
   War Games
  O.C. // Organized Konfusion
   F*#@ With Ya Head!!
  Metal Face
   One Plus One
  Large Professor
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.