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Men and Machines
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   TV Playtime
  Silicon Teens
   Live at West Runton Pavillion 6/3/79
  Robert Rental and The Normal
  Rough Trade
   Broken English
  Marianne Faithfull
   I Need A Freak
  Sexual Harrassment
   She Can't Love U
   Atmosphere Strut
  Cloud One
   Naive Melody
  Talking Heads
   For Your Love
   Extraterrestrial Lover
  Sylvia Love
  RCA Victor
   Right In The Socket
   I Specialize in Love
  Sharon Brown
   Kiss Me Again
   Emotion Du Peul (Your Side)
  Mr Raoul K
   Thurso vs Wick (CK Megamix)
  Over The Wall
  Motive Sounds
   Grackle Jungle (Legowelt Remix)
  Strange Life
   Eternal Night
  Brain Machine
  This Is Not an Exit
   Jaguar (Mayday Remix)
  DJ Rolando AKA The Aztec Mystic
  Underground Resistance
  Morten Sorensen
   No Dice (Demo)
  I Am Blip
  Ron Trent
  Prescription Classic
   I Got It
  Yo! Bots
   Stay With Me (Club Mix)
  Rhythm And Co.
  Strictly Rhythm
   20 Hz
  Total Recall (3)
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