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Bass Explorer Guest Mix
Men and Machines
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   À Jean Giraud 1 (Version By Brennan Green)
  Professor Genius
  This Is Not an Exit
   Emotion Du Peul
  Mr Raoul K
   Automatic Lover
  Dee D Jackson
   Burnin' Up
   Get The Balance Right! (Combination Mix)
  Depeche Mode
   Disco (Musiccargo Mix)
  Strange Life
   Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
  Pig Bag
   Erectric guitar
  Love in C Minor
   World Eater
  Black Meteoric Star
Bass Explorer Mix
   Assign The Source
  Sandwell District
   Love Love Love Yeah (Rework's Chelsea Girls Mix)
  Shlomi Aber
  Be As One Imprint
   Make My Day (Lusine Mix)
  Alex Smoke
   Butterfly Girl (Efdemin Persephone)
  Pantha Du Prince
  Dan Berkson // James What
  Poker Flat
   The Lorimer Stop
  I'm A Cliché
men & machines mix
  Patrice Baumel
  Get Physical
   Eternal 8
  Brain Machine
  This Is Not an Exit
   A Paw In My Face
  The Field
   Le Cercle Peul (Club Mix)
  Mr Raoul K
   Space Warrior
  Smith N Hack
  Smith N Hack
   Gypsy Woman
  Crystal Waters
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