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Meatflaps and Fleming
minimaltechno // postrock // experimental // mathcore // posthardcore

Fleming is missing, Meatflaps is filling the gaps with weekly guests, from french randoms to bands. A show for fans of the obscure, the vaguely offensive and the downright bizarre.

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Special studio guests Oso!
14/04/2009 // Oso!!

Californian musical geniuses Oso will be joining Mr Meatflaps in the studio, fresh from their latest bout of Scottish gigs;

April 8th Forest Cafe, Edinburgh

April 9th Bannermans, Edinburgh

April 10th Bloc, Glasgow

April 11th Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

April 12th GRV, Edinburgh

April 13th Cassette, Glasgow

This is seriously a band not to be missed!

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