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Matthew's Deep Bath...
indie // electro // punk // rock // emo

With influences from the great Alan Partridge, this show will have an erratic mix of the top new rock bands from around the world, small bands you've never heard of, the biggest bands in the planet, and the occasionally misplaced electro/house/dance song. One vital feature of the show is to introduce some new/smaller bands to you and some bands from the past that rock and those which you have probably never heard of.Widen your musical knowlegde and submerge yourself in the influence of Matthew's Deep Bath.

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3rd.......With Vendor Defendor
29/09/2008 // Unnamed Episode

So surprisingly i havent been chucked off air yet, again another interesting show with me mixing my words up and being nervous behind a mic......3 miss placed tracks of the week!!!! I will also sharing my bath with the lovely people that are Vendore Defendor!!! Back Of The Net!!!

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